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Embracing traditional IT infrastructure for traditional workloads

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There has been a huge shift towards the cloud but there are many organizations who are running some or all of their workloads in a traditional on-prem data center or in a colocation facility.  It may feel like you are constantly pushed to embrace new models that don’t fit your business needs -- we won’t do that. MOBIA provides traditional IT infrastructure solutions for traditional workloads. 

MOBIA partners with industry leaders to deliver IT Infrastructure solutions to meet your ongoing requirements.  We’ll work closely with your team to assess, design, architect and manage the most ideal infrastructure options -- from on prem to hybrid cloud -- for your organization. The MOBIA team will help you procure and implement the right technology mix for your unique needs.

Just because you are not using the public cloud, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cloud like experience for your IT staff, internal team and customers. Want your DataCenter to be more automated? Want to pay for it on a consumption model?  Need someone to take care of managing the equipment lifecycle?  We can help you achieve that while leveraging your traditional infrastructure.

Here’s how we can help:


Using a simple to understand methodology MOBIA will conduct an infrastructure audit to ensure your business requirements, current and future, are met by your IT infrastructure.

Whether you want to dive deep on a storage assessment, need a new WiFi Network or want to look at your management and observability capabilities, we will assess your environment and deliver an IT roadmap for your organization.

Design & Architect

Once your technical and business goals are well defined, and your infrastructure and application inventories are well documented, MOBIA will create designs and architectures for your organization.

From highly available storage to easily managed SDWAN to highly automated ZTP approach to rolling out new sites -- we’ve got you covered.


Deploying new infrastructure can be time consuming for internal IT teams who are already busy with managing existing environments and customers. We can help!

MOBIA deploys infrastructure for organizations of all sizes and types across Canada, using proven methodologies, automation and staff to deliver a turnkey solution that is implemented and ready for you to operate and manage. MOBIA has experts across a wide spectrum of technologies and vendors to ensure that your project is implemented properly the first time.


Most teams don’t like to manage IT infrastructure (except us, we love it!) and would rather spend their time on other projects and focuses.

Just because you are not using the public cloud, doesn’t mean that you can’t have a cloud like experience for your IT, internal team and customers.

Managed Services

MOBIA’s managed services offerings are designed to provide a holistic end to end IT support. Canadian organizations from various industries -- and of all sizes -- leverage MOBIA’s managed services to ensure they have proactive support for users and quick and efficient continuous maintenance of systems.

MOBIA’s dedicated team uses industry leading tools to provide real-time monitoring and alerting as well as automation for self-healing and zero-touch remediation of technical issues. Our managed services offerings encompasses all aspects of your technology support needs, including: managed infrastructure, managed applications, end-user support, cloud support and managed automation. After supporting numerous organizations with their managed services needs, we have curated a comprehensive standard package. We can also work with you to develop a custom support model that aligns with your specific needs.

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