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Private Mobile Networks

Take advantage of broad range LTE connectivity on a secure wireless network.

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Offering a unique new option for wireless connectivity, private LTE networks are designed to provide secure, powerful wireless connectivity that complements enterprise Wi-Fi.

Leveraging the power and flexibility of mobile LTE, private mobile networks give you:

  • A dedicated high bandwidth, low latency mobile network
  • Increased control over network access
  • Broad range enterprise connectivity

The cornerstone of digital transformation, a private mobile network enables your enterprise to run mission-critical applications reliably and securely, covering large and disparate geographical areas. As an experienced systems integrator, MOBIA creates custom private mobile network solutions for large organizations.

Through partnerships with other leaders in the industry, we design tailored end-to-end solutions bringing system integration, tier one and two support, program and project management, and managed services under one service level agreement.

Our partners include Private Access License (PAL) holders, tower operators, radio manufacturers, mobile core providers, just to name a few.

Fiber to the Premisses (FTTP)

Partnering with Rural Digital Opportunity winners who are building FTTP projects in 14 states, MOBIA will expand on their wired broadband with wireless infrastructure, including:

4G & 5G Radio Access Networks

With full access to the CBRS spectrum in the USA, we’ll deploy radio from Samsung, Inseego and BLiNQ to connect network devices to the internet and each other. Where necessary, MOBIA will offer access to PAL licenses through its partnership with Dish.


An important piece of the architecture, we are partnered with Crown Castle, one of the largest tower companies in America, to add this valuable piece to the new networks.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Together with Sierra Wireless, we bring valuable insights to “Smart” and Health & Safety initiatives. Well versed in IoT design and management, we chose to partner with Sierra Wireless because they enable us to bring unparalleled efficiency to these new networks.

Mobile Core

Recognizing devices on the network and enabling them to connect, the mobile core prioritizes network traffic. We work with two mobile core providers, allowing MOBIA to offer a cloud-based solution as well as on-premise deployments.

An experienced systems integrator, we are also proficient in unique application design and deployment. Further, we provide overall Service Level Agreements for your network and deliver a system dashboard that provides network information in real-time. Our ability to seamlessly integrate all of these components of a new network makes MOBIA the ideal partner for custom private network applications.

Here are some of the industries we enable with our custom end-to-end private mobile network solutions:

Cable Companies & Service Providers

By creating powerful private mobile networks that leverage LTE & 5G connectivity, we make it possible for cable companies and other service providers to add cellular networks to their service offerings. These solutions are available as white label opportunities that allow service providers to leverage their existing brand.


Leveraging high bandwidth, low latency private mobile networks, we make it possible for municipalities to power smart cities, monitor security, and much more. These solutions enable municipalities to support underserved markets, bring broadband to students, power the new at home workforce, and bring connectivity to rural areas.


Large campuses benefit greatly from our private mobile networks, both when it comes to security and improved use experience. Further, 5G networks make it possible for educational institutions to prioritize network traffic effectively. This allows mission critical activities to take precedence over other network traffic.


An experienced systems integrator, we understand the unique privacy requirements of the healthcare industry and how the increased need for telehealth services over the course of the pandemic has made these requirements even more pressing. Our tailored mobile private networks give healthcare providers an unmatched level of security and bring connectivity to areas of hospitals that Wi-Fi cannot reach.

Oil, Gas & Mining

Safety and productivity are mission-critical in mines. Often located in rural areas without reliable connectivity, these operations present unique challenges. Bringing together the right partners, we build reliable, secure high-speed networks that keep operations running smoothly and workers safe.


MOBIA’s private LTE network solutions allow utilities to transform their operations, reaching new levels of reliability and efficiency. Using IoT sensors, we provide unparalleled grid-monitoring solutions. The level of connectivity we deliver reduces costly down-time and supports critical asset monitoring.

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