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MOBIA’s Broadband and Wireless Services division provides large communication service providers (CSPs) with the resources and tools they need to deploy wireline and wireless capital build programs.

Our highly skilled team of engineers, project managers, technicians and technical support staff have years of experience managing extraordinarily complex and advanced cellular, mobile radio and FTTH projects.

We are uniquely suited to support CSPs who are looking for a partner that has a depth of technological understanding – and experience – spanning core and access in both wireline and wireless businesses.

Let us help you develop your network and deployment strategy to span wire and wireless networks, in a way that enables efficient planning, engineering deployment and operating. MOBIA will help you execute your vision of fast deployment, while removing the inefficiencies inherent in parallel builds.

Together with our trusted IT software and hardware partners, we can help you automate your technology deployment, such as Multi Access Edge Compute (MEC), and the services offered upon that technology – saving you time and money.

Discover how MOBIA can help you navigate this new frontier.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

For over a decade, MOBIA has been at the forefront of helping Canadian telecom providers bring the power of optical fiber to communities across the country. Our team is comprised of industry experts focused on enabling next generation capabilities to increase connection speeds and support the longevity, vibrancy and economic growth of towns and cities.

Along with our trusted telecommunications providers, we’ll work with you to build a solution that is tailored to the specific needs of your community.

Areas of speciality include:

Field Survey & GIS Services

Aerial Design

Hydro Permitting

Buried Design


Municipal Consent

Work Plans

Records Final Post

Construction Management

MDU Design & Installation


Let our team of experienced telecom design engineers and record specialists help you with your field surveys, route selection, aerial and buried network feeder and distribution design and more.

We’ll work closely with your project stakeholders to understand the project scope, develop timelines and manage everything from  route selection to permitting to inspection services.

Field Detailing

On the ground in local communities, our field detailing team, locates telecommunications lines, documents utility poles and manhole information for you.

Utilizing the latest technologies and GPS information such as IKE, Trimble and IDA, they make sure you have the information needed to rollout FTTH networks.


MOBIA’s Mobile Network Engineering Solutions help wireless telecommunications carriers and equipment vendors design, launch and optimize their networks.

Our team of experts has extensive experience partnering with the leading telecommunications providers across Canada on their wireline and wireless projects. From assembly and maintenance services for cell sites to WiFi to installation of in-building cabling solutions we’ve got you covered. Let us help you manage your technicians, optimize your processes and increase business productivity.

Radio Network Optimization

MOBIA can help you with your radio network planning, drive testing and radio network optimization services – evaluating the end-user experience and measuring the and analyzing the network performance.

We’ll work with you to optimize both through efficient and cost-effective approaches via our trusted vendors (HUAWEI, NOKIA, ERICSSON, ZTE) and technologies (GSM, UMTS, LTE).


Let us manage your pre-assembly process. Our teams, based in Quebec and Ontario, are well versed in delivering successful, ready to go site build programs.
With over thousands of sites in the active network on the Macro, Micro and small cell side of the business, our team of experienced technicians perform the rack and stack with green light testing before the equipment goes on site.

Paired with our Business Process Automation (BPA) 360 application, we're able to pre-assemble and ensure equipment is fully operational in a controlled warehouse environment prior to arriving on site. Our pre-assembly solution will help you save time and money by reducing delays caused by missing parts, errors in assembly and/or environmental issues,

Field Services

MOBIA’s Field Service team of managers and technicians complete telecommunication installations and upgrades to the telco standards. From completing on site installation, repairs and maintenance to test tasks, our experienced technicians work with you to diagnose errors, identify technical challenges and create solutions.

LMRN (Land Mobile Radio Network)

Keeping emergency service providers, such paramedics, police and fire departments connected is essential for the safety of local communities and residents. We are skilled in setting up and maintaining the emergency networks used by 911 services, enabling them to get the information they need when they need it.

GIS Services

MOBIA’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team, uses cutting edge technologies to support all your project needs.

Well versed in the unique challenges facing telecommunications, our GIS specialists will work with you on everything from field data collection to normalizing large data sets to performing complex analysis.

Our offering includes:

Aerial imagery: collecting satellite and aerial photography for reference and data verification

CAD drawing integration, transformation, and interpretation to

Data acquisition, analysis and processing (via ArcGIS and FME translator) to help you make informed decisions

Database design and maintenance to enable accurate capturing, storing, cleaning and interpretation of the geographic data essential to your business

Network dataset creation: accurately mapping pipelines or utility networks from survey notes and construction drawings

Planning: helping you determine fibre optic routes for future Fibre to the Home builds through datasets, plans and draw services

Process automation and enhancement using SQL scripting and Python programming

Web mapping: putting important data and information at the fingertips of non-GIS professionals, providing you immediate access to the most current and relevant data, with the ability to query and edit map layers, and share customized maps easily.  

Quality Control & Inspection

Let our team make sure your remote and field sites are set-up to meet the necessary legal requirements.

We’ll join you onsite to review the completed work, identify any areas that need to be corrected and provide status reports and frameworks for you to follow.

Project Management

No matter where you are in your telecom project, MOBIA’s team of highly skilled project and implementation managers will set you up for success. We are well versed in the challenges faced by telecom companies and have a deep understanding of how to pivot quickly when variables within a project change.

Whether you are looking to roll-out a new technology over a vast geography, coordinating multiple vendors for construction projects, managing a new fibre to home rollout or navigating the retirement of older technology we can help.

In addition to general telecom project management, we have experts who can help in:

Material Marshalling

Let our team of experts take on your material management and coordination, we are well versed in:

Material planning

Material ordering and pricing

Coordination of on-time delivery

Coordination of yard services and shipping

Financial Services

MOBIA’s billing coordinators and financial managers have a strong attention to detail, vast experience helping with capital projects and program goals and profitability. We’ll partner with you to make sure your project is set-up for financial success – from reviewing invoices to ensuring the billing is correct to handling profit and loss statements, we’ve got you covered.  

Next Generation Networks: 5G

Recent advancements in broadband wireless have opened up a whole new world of wireless connectivity options. Organizations now have the choice to select the technology that works best for what they’re looking to achieve.

5G brings faster network speed, broader bandwidth, improved quality of experience (especially in remote areas) and enables a unified network.

Discover how MOBIA can help you navigate this new frontier.

Enterprise Networking Advisory Services

With deep expertise in cellular networks, through years of helping leading Canadian service providers build and deploy 3G/4G/5G networks and deploying and managing WiFI networks for enterprises and hospitals, MOBIA can work with you to help you determine the best technology mix for your specific use case.

5G Architecture and Design

MOBIA partners with industry leaders to help our customers design scalable, resilient and secure 5G networks. Proper architecture and design of your network is fundamental to enabling the applications that power your business.  

WiFi and 5G Interoperability

Whether you are deploying Private 5G or interoperating with a 5G Service provider, our team of experts anca help you integrate your private WiFi with 5G networks, getting you up and running quickly and efficiently.  

RF Engineering

MOBIA’s RF Engineering teams support customers of all sizes to ensure they are using their spectrum efficiently and providing the proper levels of coverage and density for their specific applications. Using the latest tools and methodologies, we can help you design a wireless network to support your goals.