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5G: The Next Generation Of Wireless

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Recent advancements in broadband wireless have opened up a whole new world of wireless connectivity options.

Organizations now have the choice to select the technology that works best for what they’re looking to achieve.

5G brings faster network speed, broader bandwidth, improved quality of experience (especially in remote areas) and enables a unified network.

Here's how we can help:

Enterprise Networking Advisory Services

With deep expertise in cellular networks, through years of helping leading Canadian service providers build and deploy 3G/4G/5G networks and deploying and managing WiFI networks for enterprises and hospitals, MOBIA can work with you to help you determine the best technology mix for your specific use case.

5G Architecture and Design

MOBIA partners with industry leaders to help our customers design scalable, resilient and secure 5G networks. Proper architecture and design of your network is fundamental to enabling the applications that power your business.

WiFi and 5G Interoperability

Whether you are deploying Private 5G or interoperating with a 5G Service provider, our team of experts anca help you integrate your private WiFi with 5G networks, getting you up and running quickly and efficiently.

RF Engineering

MOBIA’s RF Engineering teams support customers of all sizes to ensure they are using their spectrum efficiently and providing the proper levels of coverage and density for their specific applications.

Using the latest tools and methodologies, we can help you design a wireless network to support your goals.

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