Our Story

Next Gen Networks— Building a Story


Rooted in an East Coast Canadian family culture from the start, MOBIA (then ARCOM Telecom) was founded by Steve Lane in 1985. It wasn’t long before he brought on his brother, Rob Lane (MOBIA’s current owner) who had a clear vision for the future.

Over the next two decades, Rob and a small group of family owners, established themselves as a thriving distribution business focused on providing telecommunications equipment. A place that is fun to be.

What really set them apart was their authenticity, deep product knowledge and outstanding customer services. As the customers came to trust Rob and team with their product questions, they started to share the challenges they were facing in the field.

While they were happy with the telecom equipment they purchased, they needed support and expertise to help them deploy, manage, and install the gear so that they could recognize the true value and evolve their business. And so the services portion of the business was born.

Telecom has rapidly evolved over the past three decades and MOBIA has innovated right alongside to be able to support our original telecom customers with a full array of solutions that meet the current needs of their end users – fast data, delivered anywhere and on any device.

It was a natural evolution for MOBIA to expand into the broader IT space. In 2008, our Infrastructure Solutions team joined our established Telecom Infrastructure practice now Broadband & Wireless Services (BWS). In 2013 our Cybersecurity Practice was added and in 2015 we introduced Digital Transformation.

From the start, MOBIA has been agile, innovative and responsive to our customers changing needs. The journey we went on with our telecom customers has prepared us to be able provide products and consulting expertise to customers in other industries such as Healthcare, Aviation, Education, and Government.

​We have always prided ourselves on not only being a wonderful partner to our customers but being an amazing place to work. A place where our team knows and feels that they are valued.

A place where our team is recognized and appreciated for being their authentic selves. A place that is fun to be.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are committed to providing value to our customers. I think that is us in a nutshell.