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Unleashing the power of analytics to propel you forward

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Data is power and MOBIA can help you harness its full potential through the use of analytics. Organizations are increasingly on a data driven journey to gather more robust information to provide insights, predict next steps and develop informed decisions. 

On your journey, you need a partner who will take the time to clearly understand your goals, inspire ideas and help you thoughtfully innovate. MOBIA’s seasoned Digital Transformation Services (DTS) team drives analytics projects and has proven expertise in delivering exceptional outcomes across complex industries, including: Healthcare, Service Providers, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing, Utility, and Government.

Partnering closely with you, MOBIA will guide you through your analytics journey by:

  • Collaborating with key stakeholders and subject matter experts to determine analytical outcomes, analyze existing data states and create an iterative plan to achieve results
  • Digitizing inputs through applications, IOT, integrations or interfaces
  • Analyzing data quality and quantity to determine gaps and opportunities.
  • Automating data streaming and processes
  • Designing and implementing data warehouses/lakes to contain inputs
  • Defining requirements for reports, dashboards and embedded analytical solutions
  • Designing, develing, testing, automating, implementing and scaling solutions.
  • Iterating on outcomes to continuously improve

Here’s how we can help:

Traditional Analytics

Our team will deploy traditional tools, technologies and methodologies to process data into Data Warehouses through ETL (Exteract, Transform, Load). We’ll work closely with you to design and develop OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) analytics, transitional reporting and data mining.

Big Data

Adding Data Velocity, Volume and Variety to traditional analytics by leveraging next generation technologies unlocking the true power of data.

We’ll help you unlock the full potential of your data by leveraging next generation technologies such as cloud, noSQL and Hadoop to transform your data warehouses to data lakes.

Data Science

Leveraging the investments in Traditional Analytics and Big Data allow Data Scientist and Analytics teams to discover insights through iterative processes to powerful analytics tools.

By leveraging your existing investments in traditional analytics and big data, MOBIA’s data scientists will use iterative processes and powerful analytics tools to help you uncover buried insights.

Automated and Embedded

Our team builds solutions, from production controls to intelligent process automation, that ensure real-time analytics are fully embedded.

Machine Learning and AI

Unleash the power of your data by using ML/AI models to determine outcomes not previously possible.

Unleash the power of your data by using ML/AI models to determine outcomes not previously possible. We’ll help you create predictive analytics based on past behaviours and innovation to create new solutions to your most challenging problems.

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