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Increasing scalability and driving efficiencies with cloud

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At MOBIA we take a different approach to cloud. While simple migrations are still a common part of many cloud journeys, we focus on helping you accelerate your adoption and maximizing your investment right from the start. We’ll partner with you to understand what you’re looking to achieve so that we can build a thoughtful cloud strategy and road map. 

Our team of experts will guide you through assessment, get you implemented and provide remediation services (if necessary). If you’re looking to level things up, MOBIA will help you with advanced cloud security, automation, and re-platforming and even application redevelopment projects.

Here's how we can help:

Private Cloud

MOBIA’s experts know that the key to a successful private cloud is implementing strong governance, architecture, operating and financial models, as well as embracing new ways of managing on premise infrastructure.

We’ll help you craft a strategy that combines on-demand, automated, scalable and opex focused cloud approaches with on premise infrastructure, enabling you to get the most out of your public and private cloud resources.

Complex Cloud Migrations

MOBIA focuses on moving the applications and data you need to run your business and deliver value to your customers to the cloud.

Not infrastructure. We ensure that applications not only run in the cloud but that you’re able to derive full value out of your cloud investment. Our specialists rehost, replatform, refactor, replace, or even rewrite your applications to ensure they thrive in your cloud environment.

Application Cloud Optimization

From that terrifying ancient application that nobody likes to talk about to a collection of brittle applications that need an overhaul to be resilient in the cloud, MOBIA’s software development and cloud teams can help assess the viability of moving your application to the cloud and optimize them to run in the cloud.

Cloud Base Environment

Whether you are just getting started in the cloud or you are looking to spin up a new environment and want to ensure it follows best practices, MOBIA can help you design and implement the right foundation for your cloud to build your application stacks upon.

We’ll partner with you to understand your requirements, the goal of your new cloud environment and the existing governance and security posture for your organization. MOBIA’s cloud engineers will take your specific needs and industry best practices to architect and build your ultimate environment.

Cloud Proof of Concept (POC)

MOBIA’s cloud team can help you design, implement, test, and decommission your cloud test environment so that you can test it before rolling it out.

We’ll focus on the POC so that your internal team can continue to focus on their day to day and other mission critical projects. Not only will this save you time and money, but we’ll leverage our learnings from other projects to make your POC as robust as possible.

Cloud Automation

With cloud, you have the power to manage your entire cloud environment entirely via a single API.

This API provides limitless possibilities to automate the entire lifecycle, which is the true power of cloud. From new “born in the cloud” startups to large enterprises migrating large legacy application stacks to the cloud, automation should be part of every step in your cloud journey. MOBIA can help you start on automation, upskill your teams on automation tools and methodologies and assess and optimize your existing public, private, hybrid, and multi cloud automation strategies.

Cloud Edge Networking

What is the future of your network in the cloud era?

We all understood what we needed from our networks in the age of interconnected sites, and adding colocation facilities didn't change their fundamental nature. What's different now that we have an increasing amount of critical infrastructure in the public cloud? In the pre-cloud world, we would make as much use of the public internet as possible, adding secure VPN overlays as needed. We would only pay extra for secure 'private' circuits when we needed performance and uptime guarantees, or to meet compliance targets. A lot of the time, this was driven by the need to prioritize voice or video traffic, provided by on-premise services. Peering was something that was best left to our ISPs. As services migrate offsite, several considerations become clear: - End to end security is critical. Many of our applications manage their own security, but we don't always understand the full stack of apps that our organization is using. Providing secure transports to key operational centres is a best practice. Many options remain, from pervasive 'cloud firewalls' that protect your application layer and secure a remote workforce, to conventional VPN tunnels terminated in the cloud. - Last mile performance should be optimized. Downtime isn't an option, despite most services being hosted elsewhere. Bonding last mile connections with SDWAN is an excellent strategy to make the network resilient to outages or bursty usage (which is all usage). - The middle mile is now a part of the plan. Physical connections (cross-connects) within data centres and colocation facilities can vastly improve the performance and reliability of critical traffic, by shortening the path to your workloads. Virtual connections can be added to your architecture temporarily to accelerate critical projects or seasonal demands. The entire network has experienced the same change that allowed for the on-demand use of shared resources known as the cloud.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Cost Rationalization

One of the greatest challenges in moving to the cloud is understanding and gaining control over the new cost model and mechanisms for cost allocation and reporting.

MOBIA can help you identify areas of potential runaway cost, develop chargeback mechanisms, implement tools to track and manage your spend, and help you optimize your cloud environment to reduce cloud bills and enable you to see cost savings.

Cloud Repatriation

Not every application or data set is best suited to run in the cloud.

The cloud represents a new set of cost and operating models and understanding when and where to use them is key. In some cases it makes sense to repatriate your cloud applications stacks or datasets back on premise. MOBIA can help identify these repatriation opportunities and ensure that you get the best on premise experience.

Hybrid & Multi Cloud Integration

A hybrid cloud model is an operating model that utilizes the strengths and opportunities of each platform while mitigating the risks inherent in each.

From a unified monitoring or automation strategy, to edge networking concerns, to hybrid governance and security policy, it is critical to consider your hybrid footprint as a single multi-site environment. Our team of experts can help identify those areas and bridge the gaps so that your on premise and cloud platforms work as an unified environment.

Managed Services

MOBIA’s managed services offerings are designed to provide a holistic end to end IT support. Canadian organizations from various industries -- and of all sizes -- leverage MOBIA’s managed services to ensure they have proactive support for users and quick and efficient continuous maintenance of systems.

MOBIA’s dedicated team uses industry leading tools to provide real-time monitoring and alerting as well as automation for self-healing and zero-touch remediation of technical issues. Our managed services offerings encompasses all aspects of your technology support needs, including: managed infrastructure, managed applications, end-user support, cloud support and managed automation. After supporting numerous organizations with their managed services needs, we have curated a comprehensive standard package. We can also work with you to develop a custom support model that aligns with your specific needs.

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