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Putting Security At The Core Of Your Business

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No two organizations face the same cybersecurity challenges. Choosing technology that drives compliance, reduces risk and fits your business’ unique needs is fundamental to creating a secure operating state. Implementing a robust enterprise-wide cybersecurity program helps to protect your organization and drives value by ensuring operational visibility, reducing risk of compromise and providing proactive cybersecurity response.

You need a partner who will walk alongside you to map out your organization’s unique security lifecycle. MOBIA’s team of cybersecurity professionals will dig deep to identify possible threats, put in measures to protect and detect and respond to any threats.

Our experience across a wide array of industries such as Healthcare and Retail and Manufacturing, allows us to compile learnings and leverage best practices so that you benefit from shared knowledge. 

Through a collaborative, hands-on approach, MOBIA’s cybersecurity team will partner with you to map out your existing cybersecurity technologies, identify gaps and security threats, develop a custom security solutions plan and help you manage your security strategy moving forward. We’ll focus on keeping your business’ IT infrastructure safe, while you focus on meeting your objectives and growing the organization.

Here’s how we can help:

Security Assessment & Gap Analysis

Understanding your current state is our first step. We will identify gaps in policy, process, and people leveraging industry standard frameworks to help bring a common level of understanding across your organization.

Together, we’ll plan your next steps and iterate on execution success.

Penetration Testing & Incident Response

Our Pentest team will help ensure you’re prepared by assessing the security controls in your environment.

We will help you build out a strategy to respond to incidents and identify how your incident response team can help you reduce organizational risk.

Integrated Security

Let MOBIA help you weave security into everything you do. Delivering infrastructure as code in a DevOps model makes the audit and deployment of security harden infrastructure possible.

We’ll help your teams understand how and where security fits.

Security Solution Design

Create resilient security technology operations.

With MOBIA’s guidance, it is easy to implement vendor recommended best practices and ensure repeatable deployment and ease of management.

Security Tools Technical Training

Our technical training group can help your team build knowledge and develop a strong understanding of the technology you own today, enabling successful planning and operation of security technologies.

Security Awareness

Everyone has a role to play in cybersecurity.

Help end-users understand how they contribute and what to look for to identify a potential hack by partnering with MOBIA to develop a customized security awareness training program.

Security Solution Management

Focus on what matters to your business. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to monitoring your security tools.

We’ll work closely with your teams to drive business context and engagement, while you concentrate on the bigger picture.

Managed Services

MOBIA’s managed services offerings are designed to provide a holistic end to end IT support. Canadian organizations from various industries -- and of all sizes -- leverage MOBIA’s managed services to ensure they have proactive support for users and quick and efficient continuous maintenance of systems.

MOBIA’s dedicated team uses industry leading tools to provide real-time monitoring and alerting as well as automation for self-healing and zero-touch remediation of technical issues. Our managed services offerings encompasses all aspects of your technology support needs, including: managed infrastructure, managed applications, end-user support, cloud support and managed automation. After supporting numerous organizations with their managed services needs, we have curated a comprehensive standard package. We can also work with you to develop a custom support model that aligns with your specific needs.

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