Use Case Details



Real Time Analytics to Improve Healthcare Efficiencies


Gather important information, accurately predict surge levels, automate workflows and implement proactive measures in the ER to improve patient outcomes.

Emergency departments (ED) across the globe are being faced with a significant increase in patient volume and acuity and the COVID-19 pandemic has only escalated it.

The co-founders of SurgeCon, Dr. Christopher Patey and Paul Norman (RN), are intimately familiar with the challenges that are faced be EDs from their frontline clinical work as an emergency room physician and nurse at Eastern Health.



To address the departmental surge challenges they were seeing, in an innovative and thoughtful way, Eastern Health worked with MOBIA to develop SurgeCon.

SurgeCon uses real-time surge protocol algorithms to instantly notify clinicians and healthcare administrators with individual, specific instructions and tasks to complete based on situational changes.

Partner Technology

Built in house at MOBIA


Digitize key metrics to predict changes to Emergency Room wait time.​

Provide message and actions to scale ER services as wait times change.​

Provide visibility to changes in ER volume and analytics to improve ER waitimes.​


Hardware: Private Cloud (Bell)​

Software: SQL Server, Java Spring, Lit HTML​

Approach: Collaboration, MVP (6 weeks), Agile, DevOps​


Collaborate with key stakeholders to design and digitize they manual processes.​

Quickly create a production ready Minimum Viable Product on MOBIA’s myOpenHealth platform.​

Iteration on the solution to add features based on feedback.​