Use Case Details

Application Re-platforming - Cloud Migration


Establishing global standards and streamlining processes by migrating to the cloud

Migrating critical client/server business applications to the web/cloud can centralize processes, remove duplication and apply standards. Additionally, it can introduce added functionality. We work with applications teams to assess, design and implement a strategy to move to the cloud.


  • Collaborative Design
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Agile 
  • DevOps
  • MongoDB
  • AWS
  • Angular JS
  • Spring
  • ElasticSearch

Partner Technology

Built in house at MOBIA


This particular customer had an existing client/server application that was siloed across ten different physical locations. Each location used different processes and standards, causing duplicated work, disconnected data and processes and inefficiencies.


Through collaborative design and workshops with stakeholders and subject matter experts, it was determined that the solution was to implement a cloud based solution with replicated data and microservices to provide scalability for physical locations around the globe. A minimal viable product was developed and implemented at two key overhaul shops. The MOBIA team had to work quickly in order to get the solution up to meet the rollout of the customer’s new line of business.


Coming in on time -- and on budget -- the application has been fully implemented in production and is now being rolled out globally. Standard processes have been implemented, creating efficiencies and providing visibility across the organization.