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Application Cloud Optimization


Unleashing the strength of a cloud model for legacy applications

Not all applications are easily transitioned into the cloud operating model. We work with applications teams to assess, design, and implement a strategy to help get the most out of legacy applications.​


Partner Technology

Built in house at MOBIA


Many organizations have started their journey to the cloud. They have moved their low hanging fruit or replaced legacy applications to newer applications that run natively in the cloud. Often finding themselves stuck on applications that by their criticality, age, or other issues are causing them challenges in moving to a cloud operating model. ​


MOBIA brings a wealth of experience from our software development and IT operations teams to provide a holistic approach to modernizing these challenging applications.​ Our Business Analysts work to assess the application and the importance or value to the business​. We review the application itself either in source code for in house development or a third party application​ and assess the best platform for the application and the feasibility of migration/modernization​. We then devise a plan to implement the recommendations​ and provide those details for the client to implement or implementation for them​, helping operationalize and integrate the application into the existing environment.​


Our clients can now take their critical but challenging legacy application and move it to a cloud operating model. Allowing them to harmonize the strategies for legacy and new applications and get the full value out of their cloud investment.