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MOBIA continues to provide GIS mapping support to Northwestel as the telecommunications provider works to bring high-speed, unlimited fibre internet to 9 more communities

September 13, 2023

DARTMOUTH, NS, Sept. 13, 2023 /CNW/ - MOBIA Technology Innovations Inc. and Northwestel recently celebrated the successful deployment of high-speed, unlimited fibre internet to the remote community of Nahanni Butte in Canada's Northwest Territories. MOBIA's expertise with geographic information systems (GIS) was vital to the successful launch, which has brought the community's download speeds from 15 mbps to up to 50 mbps. With continued GIS support from MOBIA, Nortwestel hopes to repeat this successful launch in nine more remote communities.

Earlier this summer, the community of Nahanni Butte received a much-needed upgrade to its broadband network, thanks to the efforts of Northwestel and its partner, MOBIA. When Northwestel took on the challenging task of upgrading the remote community's network to high-speed fibre, the telecommunications provider looked to MOBIA for support to design, plan, and build the infrastructure that would make up Nahanni Butte's new fibre network. Northwestel chose MOBIA for its experience with geographic information systems (GIS) and complex broadband projects. Having implemented a powerful GIS called ArcFm for Northwestel several years ago, MOBIA has supported the telecommunications provider in using the tool to improve infrastructure and services for many other communities. For Nahanni Butte, MOBIA's GIS experts and designers created a detailed database, collecting address data and mapping dwellings, poles, and fibre cables. These efforts enabled Northwestel to effectively plan and roll out the new fibre network. With training from MOBIA, Northwestel's ArcFM Implementation Team is empowered to keep the database up to date as well as scale and manage the ongoing maintenance of the fibre network in Nahanni Butte.

For Nahanni Butte, a fly-in community for over three months of the year, improved internet service and speeds address several critical needs. This includes everything from access to education and healthcare to infrastructure that supports the community's economic growth. In fact, improving the quality and speed of Nahanni Butte's internet has been a goal for Soham Srimani, band manager of the Nahæâ Dehé Band.

"Nowadays, high-speed internet connection is not a luxury; it's a basic amenity. The Internet has become such an integral part of our lives that to be limited is to be left behind the rest of Canada in terms of health care, education, and business growth. Our continued growth and participation in the Canadian economy is predicated on strong Internet access. Nahanni Butte is a scenic community with a lot of potential for tourism development. The community is remote and doesn't have all-weather road access," said Soham Srimani, Band Manager & Chief Administrative Officer, Nahanni Butte Dene Band and Group. "To explore the tourism aspect of the community, attend to the recreational needs of the residents, provide effective community governance, and achieve growth for local businesses, high-speed internet was necessary. As an administrator, improving internet speed in the community was one of my primary goals. Thanks to strong support from Chief Vital, Northwestel, and their partners for improving internet services in Nahanni Butte. Right now the highest internet speed available in the community is about 50 Mbps, which is a significant improvement over our previous 15 Mbps DSL connection. I look forward to seeing internet speeds in the range of 500 Mbps in the community someday."

The upgrades to Nahanni Butte's internet service are part of a three-year project funded in part by the CRTC to improve access to the internet in northern communities. As part of this project, Northwestel will upgrade internet services in other communities across the Northwest Territories. MOBIA will continue to support these efforts as fibre networks are rolled out to nine more communities before the end of August.

"It's been a privilege to work with Northwestel on initiatives to bring fibre optic to some of Canada's most northern communities. Seeing the profound impact improved broadband connectivity has had on Canadians and their communities–especially those in rural and remote areas–is something MOBIA takes great pride in," said Rosalyn Graham, Implementation Manager, MOBIA Technology Innovations.


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