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February 9, 2023

MOBIA Solidifies its Commitment to Lead Digital Transformation, Empower Healthcare Providers, and Improve Patient Care with Innovative Software-as-a-Service Solutions

Dartmouth, NS—February 1, 2023—MOBIA Technology Innovations Inc. announced today its plans to spin off its healthcare Software as a Service (SaaS) products into a separate company called MOBIA Health Innovations Inc. Growing demand for these products in Canada and the United States is a key driver in the decision to establish this new company and strengthen the competitive position of its solutions, SurgeCon and myCardiacHealth. With MOBIA CEO Rob Lane and Director of Digital Transformation Nevin Pick stepping into the roles of CEO and President respectively, MOBIA Health Innovations will continue to support the development and commercialization of our solutions. 

Co-created by MOBIA Technology Innovations, Paul Norman, and Dr. Chris Patey, SurgeCon is a cloud-based SaaS solution designed to empower emergency departments to take a proactive approach to managing  surges in capacity. Integrating front-line communications with real-time capacity data into dashboards and automated notification tools, SurgeCon alerts emergency department managers and key hospital stakeholders when additional resources are needed. 

Paul Norman and Dr. Chris Patey will both join the leadership team at MOBIA Health Innovations, supporting continued innovation and development for SurgeCon as well as the company’s overall growth.  

Developed in collaboration with Eastern Health, myCardiacHealth addresses the growing challenges in cardiac care posed by longer wait lists, reduced staff, increased clinical workloads by streamlining and automating the patient journey. Providing tools to accurately risk-stratify incoming referrals and determine which tests and procedures are appropriate for patients, myCardiacHealth reduces clinical load and optimizes administrative coordination in cardiac care. 

“For over three decades, MOBIA has supported digital transformation across a range of important industries by deploying and integrating innovative telecommunications and IT solutions,” stated Rob Lane, CEO, MOBIA Health Innovations. “Over the past several years, we’ve had the great privilege to bring our expertise to healthcare, partnering with brilliant healthcare professionals and dedicated organizations to improve patient care and empower healthcare providers. We’re thrilled to establish MOBIA Health Innovations as its own entity and believe that this will give us an opportunity to continue to break new ground in this vital sector.” 

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