How a Canadian Credit Union Modernized Provisioning with Ansible Automation

Use Case Details

Key Challenges

Traditionally, provisioning in financial services has been manual and labour-intensive. Adds, moves, and changes are time-consuming and introduce the risk of errors and inconsistent configurations. Especially in this space, it is critical that machines are deployed with consistent parameters and patched with the latest security updates.

Key Results

The client already used Ansible engine in other areas of their IT. With support from, they implemented Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) to automate hardware provisioning, reducing human error and streamlining the process. By enhancing security and ensuring consistency, the solution maximizes the ROI on existing infrastructure investments.
Client profile
Project Scope

While this leading financial services enterprise already used Ansible engine to power
virtual machine deployment and change management of their RHEL endpoint, it hadn’t
been successful at scaling the solution across the organization and reusing code across
teams. However, the power of Ansible Automation Platform lies as a true enterprise-
ready multi-tenant platform. By leveraging AAP’s modular and platform services
approach, organizations can support any automation use-case and centralize it across a
shared platform. With the flexibility to support hybrid environment automation, AAP
scales as requirements within an organization evolve.

With MOBIA’s help, this FIS client implemented AAP to deploy RHEL machines on-
prem in VMware and in the cloud on AWS. This enabled the enterprise to streamline its
provisioning process, reduce manual intervention, and enhance overall operational
efficiency. With Red Hat Satellite compute profiles, the client realized the power of
integrating and building a workflow around their native Red Hat tooling and solutions.
Seamlessly complementing each other, AAP and Satellite and complimentary were
used in the provisioning process and on-going management. This solution offered four
key benefits for the client:

1. Standardization and consistency

Leveraging this new solution, the client could standardize provisioning across
virtual machines and hardware, sharing a common request and deployment
lifecycle workflow. This includes patching and management with Red Hat
Satellite, which provides the enterprise with a centralized dashboard and
reporting engine for their entire RHEL deployment.

With AAP’s automation capabilities, all deployments and configurations are
executed consistently though declarative, as-code state. Misconfigurations or
changes are reverted.

2. Reduced provisioning time

With AAP, the client’s operations team has been empowered to deploy machines
quickly and with consistent configurations. This represents a significant strategic
benefit, since it allows the client’s team to respond to changing demands in the
market by focusing their efforts on launching new services and scaling their

3. Enhanced security

As the threat landscape evolves, enhancing security calls for consistency and
continuous centralized monitoring.

With this new solution, the financial services enterprise can secure virtual
machines and managed hardware assets across the organization. Virtual
machines are hardened and configured consistently through automation and
role-based access control (RBAC) is integrated with organizations identity
provider to secure managed devices.

With Red Hat Insights, the security team can monitor vulnerabilities using a
centralized dashboard.

4. Cost visibility

Along with streamlined processes, cost visibility is a strategic benefit that our
client realized with this implementation. With a streamlined workflow and efficient
resource utilization, the costs of provisioning and managing virtual and hardware
assets became consistent and predictable, allowing the client to maximize its
ROI on infrastructure investments. In addition, reporting and automation analytics
put real-time cost insights at the client’s fingertips.



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