Protect Your Multi-Cloud OpenShift Data with Kasten K10!

October 7, 2022
February 25, 2022

Tired of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) outages? Has your Hyperscaler let you down and left you feeling helpless? You may remember multiple Q4 2021 outages, if you are in the cloud…the answer is YES!


Take the power back! Take control of your application availability by leveraging Kasten K10 by Veeam for:


·     Easy replication of application artifacts between OpenShift clusters, real-time data protection and replication with an application-centric approach

·     Leverage multiple CSP’s and geographically disperse regions while keeping the consistent experience of OpenShift – Kasten handle the rest!

·     Avoid CSP outages and ensure application availability, traffic can ingress either cluster – Kasten has your application data replication covered


Kasten K10 for OpenShift


·     Offered as a native Operator on Red Hat’s OpenShift Container Platform!

·      Simple licensing model for enterprise: PAYG or Enterprise, licensed per OpenShift Compute node

·     Full data protection for OpenShift resources including Deployment, Secrets, ConfigMaps, Persistent Volumes, etc.

·      Choose from cloud-native blob/object storage/buckets (S3-compatible types) includingGoogle Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, Azure Storage NFS, or Veeam Backup Server as backup targets


Use Case: Multi-cloud Application High-Availability on OpenShift with Kasten K10

·     Active/Active OpenShift clusters deployed in different CSP's in different regions or on-prem

·     Kasten handles replication of application artifacts/components in real-time across both clusters using protection policies with SLA's

·     Take control of application availability with front-end Global Load Balancing/Traffic redirection, abstracted from the CSP lock-in

·     Failover/DR workflow with automated failure detections considering error thresholds

·     All Kasten configuration defined centrally as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for backup and data protection

 Kasten Enables Digital Transformation


Containerization and Cloud adoption brings increased reliance on CSP’s for scale, availability, the speed of deployment. In an increasingly remote world, your Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy needs to transform as well. No longer is a warm or cold DR site/strategy sufficient for critical business application availability, failover (including traffic redirection) needs to be seamless and automated.


Kasten Data Encryption and Security


·     In-flight and data at rest is always encrypted using transport security with TLS certificate validation

·     Dedicated encryption key per application

·     Full end-to-end encryption across object storage and multi-cluster deployments – real and secure data protection!


Get started today: Try Kasten for Free


·      Try the fully featured free version of K10 on OpenShift for clusters up to 10 nodes!


Learn More


·     Latest Kasten K10 Documentation

·     Kasten K10 Datasheet


Stay tuned for more, including upcoming technical blogs!

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Hart Ripley, National Automation Lead and Solutions Architect, MOBIA & Jeff Kelly, Senior Solutions Architect, MOBIA

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