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October 7, 2022
September 7, 2022

The rapidly increasing number of ransomware attacks has made cybersecurity more critical than ever, especially with upcoming changes to many cyber insurance policies. Malicious cyber activities constitute a significant business issue, and a data breach can have severe financial and reputational consequences. As a result, cybersecurity spending has now transitioned from red ink on the ledger to a proactive investment that helps businesses keep cybercriminals at bay.

The technology is out there for all to leverage, but success lies in integrating the right technologies with industry best practices to provide the best security posture to businesses.

That’s precisely where MOBIA can help.

Being agile and responsive to client’ needs and the changing IT and cybersecurity landscape, MOBIA is well-positioned to help organizations build comprehensive security strategies. The company serves companies of all sizes, across retail, banking, mineral extraction, lumber, healthcare, energy, technology, manufacturing, and government sectors. It specializes in helping identify all possible exposures to cyberthreats and develop a customized plan to protect, detect, and respond to all incidents. Combined with the company’s easy-to-consume and tailored governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) services, it helps clients unleash the real potential of their IT investments.

MOBIA's core competency lies in its ability to use the Goldilocks approach in its engagements with clients to efficiently map out their existing cybersecurity technologies and identify the gaps in policy, process, and people. The company then uses that information to develop a technology roadmap to address a client’s current and future security needs. Team MOBIA also excels at conducting penetration and dynamic application security tests on web-oriented or publicly exposed application platforms, allowing it to spot vulnerabilities quickly and fix them efficiently.

“We help clients prioritize their potential security gaps that need immediate attention and create a plan of action for addressing them in a succinct and contained way,” says Michael Ryan, Digital Network & Security Lead – Office of the CTO, MOBIA.

ut MOBIA’s team of cybersecurity specialists that have deep technical skills to operate firewalls and security operations centers. They foster a collaborative culture and take a customer-centric approach, helping them respond to clients’ varying needs, regardless of their nature and complexity.

Illustrating MOBIA’s passion for customer success is its collaboration with a client looking to build a comprehensive security plan. They needed to launch a new IT management initiative after their senior cybersecurity analyst left the organization. The executive team was uninformed about their infrastructure or processes, the security posture of cybersecurity programs, and current exposure from a cybersecurity perspective.

MOBIA used an established governance framework to identify the client’s security posture in different categories, including data classification schema, record and log maintenance, access to critical resources, networks topology, accounts management and active directory domain access. Based on this control audit, the company ran a gap analysis and developed a cybersecurity roadmap to help the client address all potential exposure points. MOBIA also performed numerous penetration tests on the client’s infrastructure and e-commerce platform to obtain a snapshot of their current exposure in real-time and address issues. The company also produced a series of documents that helped the executive team understand their security posture and enabled security teams to identify and mitigate exposure in real-time.

This is just one example of the value that MOBIA drives by preparing clients to assess security controls in their environment and strategically respond to incidents. The company has been delivering complete IT services and solutions for years and is committed to providing the same value to its customers in the future, leveraging its experience across industries. MOBIA brings the benefits of shared knowledge to its clients by combining its learning from different sectors. Coupling its knowledge with best practices, the company continues to keep clients’ IT infrastructure safe while enabling them to focus on meeting their business and growth goals.

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Michael Ryan, Digital Network & Security Lead – Office of the CTO

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